Today chronic stress and its degenerative effects on our body, emotions, vitality, spirit, and cognitive processes are at epidemic proportions. Because stress is below our conscious awareness for the most part, or instinctual biological reaction affecting automatic, innate survival responses, that are really only meant to be used for true survival situations, and not for full-time living.

Many people are locked into these reactions as a way of living, with little way out. And they don’t even know it!  I have made my career about helping clients heal the effects of unresolved stress (also termed trauma, traumatic stress, or plain overload).  Unresolved  stress drives our anxiety, poor focus, depression, constant brain chatter and in general causes our brains to function less than resiliently, less than calmly. It also drives most of our children’s behavioral issues and can be reversed quickly and effectively without the use of drugs or other more severe approaches.



Can you imagine actually managing stress and feeling like you can approach life moment to moment without one foot in the past and one foot in the future. Do you wish that you could just let it go and come back into the present moment, able to adapt to whatever life throws your way. Many of my clients have had these same issues and today are finding an ability simply to be more present to what is happening and able to deal with life stress in a flexible and confident way, even the ones who were really struggling!

Is this some alternative approach?

After 34 years of working in full time private practice, I can say from direct experience that most clients need more than just talking about their issues in order to feel better.  For a few, talk has worked beautifully, but for the majority, it seems no matter how much was discussed, processed, visualized, imagined,  emoted, cried, had catharsis- that they still felt that things didn’t change that much.  Through my comprehensive training a biological model of the human psyche including the central nervous system (brain), the hormonal system, the immune system, and the instincts, I started to understand that unless we could speak the nervous system’s own language, which is not words, that whatever trauma was being carried around inside us, could seldom resolve itself.

Today, I am able to help a very high percentage of individuals transform their suffering and help them live better lives, all based on their own report which you can see in the client comment area of the website.

How would I know that I am carrying stress, or trauma?

There are numerous symptoms that will tell you that you, or your child/children are overloaded.  You feel anxious, depressed, your appetite has changed, you are not sleeping well, you are irritable or angry allot, you have poor concentration and focus, you lack motivation and commitment, your are disorganized  Small things upset you easily, you ruminate or catastrophize about the future or the past, you are forgetful or confused. You just can’t stay focused in the present and enjoy the simple things. You feel like you can’t cope as well as you once could!

I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. Why would working with you be different?

Most of my clients report that they experience more of a letting go of irrational concerns and negative attachments that would normally bother them. They notice their mind quieting and things that demanded energy from them drop away easier. They thus report that their present moment focus improves naturally without their having to “do” anything about it, and this has an impact on their ability to be in the “flow” of their life.  They are more flexible all around.

If I decided to work with you, how long would it take to notice positive benefits?

My clients fairly quickly (most within 6 visits or less) see that they are noticing decreases in their stress, anxiety, and depression, and their ability to maintain a relaxed state in situations that would have previously made them tense and unable to transform the pressure of the moment. It does not take long to begin to see benefits for most people. Clients are quietly amazed at how simply working with their brain in the background while we do counseling can produce noticeable, overall  physical, emotional and behavioral changes.  It is not that you have no problems; but that your problems and issues don’t take so much of your time and energy.  You find yourself more presently resilient and less in the past or future and more able to solve the ongoing challenges in your life with more clarity and ease.

How can you help me change these long standing behaviors that I  always experience  in pressured times?

Neuroplasticity refers to the understanding that our central nervous system (brain and spinal chord: which are the information processing system for everything that that we are) can change in response to its own direct experience or feedback. If we continue to repeat negative states and behaviors, then we are further imprinting those neural patterns in our nervous system. But if we recognize that when we lose focus or become upset or anxious in stressed periods, it is actually the brain that is ‘producing’ these events, in this moment, based on past, unresolved negative experiences, we can change our direction.

One way that I can help directly is with a form of EEG Brain Biofeedback, or also called neurofeedback, that shows EXACTLY what is happening in your brain moment to moment.  Any time your brain is about to get upset, that information is immediately relayed to your brain that it just began to ‘wobble’ (your brains is about to do something or called ‘perturbation‘ in up to date non-linear physics) and your brain recognizes through the information that it is causing its own problem, stopping it and returning to the present moment.  So I can help your brain learn new patterns of behavior that will be lasting without ever imposing anything on your brain.  All this is happening in the background as your brain receives this non-invasive information about what is it about to do, over and over.

What clients soon experience…

Cients soon begin to have a capacity to deal with what is thrown at them without having to REACT automatically, mechanically, and endlessly in that same old fashion as they might have in the past. Research now shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that an ability to maintain in a relaxed state of mind and body is key to our ability to transform stress. This is what the training approach accomplishes.  It reveals what is true about what is happening internally and allows you to transform dysfunctional behaviors that don’t serve your survival.

How have others actually benefited from this approach to training? Read this Case Study.

Five year old John (not his real name) is brought in by his parents.  He is is highly intelligent but presently hyper-sensitive and unable to regulate himself in social situations.  Prior to doing some training with me, when he gets upset, it lasts for long periods without being able to comfort him.  He has been very concerned about locked doors in his house as well as germs.  He is even having difficulty sleeping which is regulated my the brain.  He is having adaptation issues in a nutshell.

Within a few sessions, his parents, teachers, and occupational therapist are noticing obvious changes. When he does get upset at school, he is able to quickly come back to the present on his own and is happier all around.  His Mother told me about him being bitten by a donkey and that soon after, he was playing normally when previously he would have been inconsolable. By training his brain moment to moment with this non-linear, dynamical feedback approach which targets the full spectrum of his brainwaves (brain electro-chemical activity), his Central Nervous System is able to change for the better,  since this is its very nature; adaptability or neuroplasticity.

Our CNS (Central Nervous System) is so sophisticated that when given comprehensive feedback in its own language about how it is behaving, it can change of it’s own ‘volition’- thus neuroplasticity.  We evoke the Orienting Response which is our brains ability for being able to drop everything when something changes in our environment, and innately ask,     ” What is different about this moment”.  Zengar NeurOPTIMAL™ training evokes this Orienting Response which brings us back to the relaxed present where all is well.

See other client comments.

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